Winterizing The Roof Checklist

Winter is first approaching, and it is inevitable. It’s quite important that you winterize your home including your rooftop. Here are a few tips that should be on your checklist on how to winterize your rooftop:

heavy snowfall on roof1. Roof inspection
The first thing that you need to do is to ensure that you have thoroughly and fully inspected your roof and that it’s in good condition. You are better off climbing to the top than purely using binoculars from the ground as you may not be able to see everything clearly. Ensure that the gutters are not clogged, there are no missing or damaged shingles or growth of moss on your roof. If there are any, ensure you get a roofing contractor to fix them as they can get damaged from harsh weather conditions.

2. Clear your gutters
You need to ensure that before any winter season, your gutters are fully cleaned and cleared. During winter, your gutters play an important role of draining the water from your roof once it melts. By having a clear gutter, you will not have to worry about freeze water that can cause an ice dam. An ice dam will lead to a pool of water forming on your roof top that can cause massive damage to your roof.

3. Removal of tree branches
Always make sure that you trim or get rid of branches that are hanging close to your roof. In the event that there is a heavy storm, these branches may fall off and cause a lot of damage on your rooftop which might be expensive to fix.

ice form near roofs gutters

4. Check the insulation
Having a proper insulation system in place during winter will ensure that you and your family are warm over winter. However, your insulation can still cause damage to your rooftop. Have your insulation checked just before winter to validate that it is in a proper working condition and that it will be enough for your home’s needs. You need to immediately remove your insulation if it has mold or is damp and ensure that it doesn’t cover the vents but the eaves.

We believe having your home winterized is a very important and crucial thing to do just before winter sets in. However, your rooftop plays an important role and should be the first thing on your list to have checked. A damaged rooftop simply means no house, and it can lead to massive damage to your household property. If you suspect your roof needs to be repaired or replace, do not hesitate to give us a call or visit here to set up a free assessment and estimate.