Top Differences Between Residential And Commercial Roofing

Typically, there appears to be little difference between a residential and commercial roof. Hiring an experienced roofing contractor who deals successfully with the one you need is necessary to guarantee that you have the materials and style for your house or commercial structure. The following are simply a few of the distinctions between the two.

pitch of residential roofing system

Residential roofs have the tendency to be more ornamental in nature. Having a visually-pleasing roof can help make a home seem better when it comes time to sell it. On the other hand, an industrial roof is more functional with a distinctly no-nonsense feel about it. Because they are larger, and often need to be strong enough to hold the weight of equipment, such as cooling and heating systems, industrial roofs are generally flat in style. Commercial roofing systems also require more upkeep, frequently due to that the materials are installed in big sections.

commercial roofing materialsWhile a house’s roof has a higher slope due to the peaks, it is reasonably easy to install. With the exception of a chimney, there are few challenges that stand in the method of its setup. An industrial roof, however, has the tendency to have obstructions such as external piping, smoke stacks and other equipment that need to be worked around. This implies that the installer of the commercial roofing systems need to understand how to incorporate the wanted products while still securing the integrity of the equipment that exists on the roof.

Whether you require a new roof for your house or your commercial building, you have to make certain the contractor you pick has the right kind of experience. For an experienced roof company in the northeastern region of Wisconsin, call us at 920-214-0333 now to get a free estimate.