Storm Damage: The Benefits Of A Professional Roof Inspection

tree caused storm damage on houseIt’s not uncommon to want to have a look at your roof after a storm has passed and assessed the damage. It’s a good thing to get a rough idea of the amount of damage caused and how much it will probably cost you when it comes to getting the roof fixed. Here are a few reasons as to why you should hire a professional roof inspection company to assess the damage caused by a storm:

1. Noticing minor damage
First, assess the roof by yourself to try and catch any minor damages that are visible to your roof from the ground. You can easily detect a fallen tree or a loose shingle on your roof that may need fixing. However, professional roof experts can quickly and easily detect more damage that you may not see like damage to the gutter, eaves or the shingles.

2. Insurance claim
Most insurance companies will not give you an insurance claim unless proper assessment by the right professionals has been done and a proper documentation gives. As such, your own assessment may not be sufficient in getting your insurance company to repair the damages to your home. You may also not necessarily know what to look for and fill when it comes to the insurance claim form.

3. Repairs
shingle removed by strong windsGetting a roof expert to assess the damage on your roof and having it immediately repaired can prevent further damage to your roof that can cause major havoc to your home if not dealt with in good time. Professional experts can help you fix the roof as the inspect and advice on proper methods for future prevention of the same or recommend better materials for your roof.

4. Professional judgement
Even though you can easily notice the minor and visible damage by yourself, there are more that you might not be able to see. Moreover, getting on the roof by yourself can be quite unsafe for you due to injuries and falls. Professionals are experienced in all this and are better at assessing the damage caused and giving the right advice. At the same time, professional companies are licensed and insured and hence won’t leave you with liability issues. Ensure that you get the right documents i.e. genuine copies of their insurance and license before they can commence any work on your roof. They will be able to fully determine the extent of the damage your roof has suffered.

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