Signs Your Roof Might Need Repaired

Do you notice something amiss about your roof? Do you think the condition of your roof has reached such a state that it could use professional help? Our Wisconsin roof repair specialists will perform a thorough inspection of your roof and then make an accurate assessment and evaluation of what exact roof repair services you will need.

Replacing shingles on a wind damaged roof that was allowing water to leak in

To give you an idea of what issues and problems your roof contractors may find atop your house and what they may suggest to fix them, here are some of the most common issues which you may require before they cause further damage.

You May Need Roof Repair for Your Curling and Folding Shingles

There are several reasons for curling and folding shingles. It may be that there has been mistakes from the initial installation or it may be due to poor ventilation in your home. It can also be that the roofing insulation is not adequate.

Whatever the reason for curling and folding shingles on your roof, you need these areas on your roof repaired immediately.

There Are Missing Granules and Missing Shingles on Your Roofing

Missing granules and missing shingles on your roof are warning signs you need to call licensed roofing specialists to work on the damages on your roof.

Although it is perfectly normal that granules fall off from the shingles, the consistency and frequency of their coming off may need immediate attention. This is to protect your shingles from being easily burnt by the heat of the sun and in turn, to lengthen its lifespan.

Water Spots Visible on Your Ceiling Are Also an Indication That You Need Roof Repair by Accredited Roofing Contractors.

There likely is something wrong with your roof if there are leaks which reach your ceilings. There may be holes that need to be patched on some areas on your roof.

In the event that you fail to recognize the leaks before they become noticeable in the interior of your house, it may be time to replace ceilings, siding and even your drywall.

Bubble-Like Substances Appear on the Surface of the Granules

These bubble-like materials popping out of the granules are results of moisture that has penetrated and remained on the shingles. They are also known as blisters.

Although replacement of affected shingles may not need to be done right away, it is best to call a certified roofer in Wisconsin to take a better look at your roofing shingles.

You have to act as soon as you can before these issues escalate to the types of water leakages which may affect the inside of your residence.

If you are experiencing any of these issues in your Wisconsin home, call our roof repair specialists today and let us inspect and assess your roof right away.

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