How To De-ice Your Roof

Winter comes with all the snow and ice that’s been waiting to fall from the heavens. They not only cover your roof but also cover your walkway, roads, and driveway. It’s therefore really important to get rid of the ice so that more damage doesn’t occur in your home. If you took preventive measures before winter, you may be a little bit safe, but if not, there may be extra work that you may need to do to achieve a clean roof.

Below are five ways that you can use to get rid of the ice on your roof:

checklist for roof ice removal1.Heat cable
The heat cable products are used to avert ice dams but not take care of the ice dams once they become a problem. They use electricity and are used in a zigzag manner to over areas that are not insulated like the gutters and garage. However, they do not heat large amounts of ice but create a pathway for water to get drained. If you choose to de-ice your rood using heat cables, make sure you read other people’s review first as they will guide you on which ones are the best for your area.

A snow rake is the easiest and cost-effective equipment you can use to de-ice your rooftop. Standing firmly on the ground, you can easily use the rake to scrape off the snow from your rooftop occasionally to ensure that large ice dams aren’t formed on your roof and cause excessive damage.

large amount of ice formations

3.Use of chemicals
Most people prefer using de-icing chemicals to get rid of the ice after the winter snow. They are much easier to use and work very well. However, you need to be careful about the chemicals you choose to use as some are not eco-friendly and can cause damage to your roof and even the health of your family. As such, when picking out de-icing chemicals, try and avoid buying those with Calcium Chloride or Sodium Chloride. Even though they are effective and work really fast they can be quite harmful to the environment.

4.Seek professional help
Depending on the amount of snow, at times the best option would be calling a professional company to come and help get rid of the ice dams on your roof. If you realize that the amount of snow is too much and there are signs of leakage or damage (more info) , consider calling an expert to come and have a look at it and recommend or find proper ways of de-icing your roof.

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