How Snow And Ice Impact Your Roof

heavily iced roof in winterDuring winter, the snow and ice can cause massive damage to your rooftop whether the rooftop is new or has seen some couple of winter months before. It is for this reason that many homeowners are keen in inspecting the rooftop after winter to assess the damage caused and have it prepared for summer. If the snow and ice during winter isn’t immediately removed from your rooftop after the winter season passes, there could be severe damage to your rooftop.

Once a lot of snow and ice gets accumulated on your rooftop, chances are very high that your roof will end up caving in due to the weight of the snow. The rain water flows and condenses to form large ice blocks that if not removed pile up causing massive weight on your roof which may lead to leakages and eventually cause the roof to cave in. Ice blocks can be more dangerous during hailstorms as they continue to make the roof weaken and shorten the lifespan of your roof.

Snow and ice can cause your roof to make strange noises. Of course, wind, rain or storms can cause this, but after a winter period, it is important to listen out for these strange noises which could be a great indicator that the storm did a number on your roof. If these noises become too much and cause you to worry, ensure you contact a professional expert and get your roof inspected. Timely assessment of your roof could save you lots of money in terms of damage control and repairs especially if its made of asphalt shingle which you can read more about at

snowfall sliding off roofWhen there is a warm breeze after a cold winter, chances are very high that there may be a formation of blisters on your roof. There are as a result of moisture and warm air getting caught in between the layers of your rooftop when it becomes extremely hot. If your home’s rooftop is very flat or low, it’s important to get an expert to have a look at it to ensure there are no roof blisters that can lead to roof damage.

To ensure that your roof doesn’t get damaged, it’s important to get rid of the snow before it can eventually melt on your rooftop. This you can do by using a roof rake while standing safely and firmly on the ground. Once winter is done and dusted, clean and clear your gutter for any clogs and to reduce the weight of the ice and snow on your roof. We’d also recommend inviting an expert to have a look and guarantee you that your rooftop is safe and in a perfect condition.

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