Does Your Home Need Roof Ventilation?

this is what a roof vent commonly looks likeMost homeowners tend to think that it isn’t necessary to have a roof ventilation when building homes. Lack of a proper ventilation can cause condensation problems to the building. Roof ventilation differs from home to home depending on the region, climate, and design of the roof. As such, attic ventilation is an important aspect in ensuring that your home and roof are properly taken care of. Lack of proper attic ventilation can cause an increase in your electricity bills.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider having a roof ventilation for your home:

1. Reduced energy costs
When it’s extremely hot outside, we usually want the inside of our homes to be cooler. Having a roof that is well ventilated and leaves room for heat to getaway reduces the usage of the air conditioner in your home. The end result is that your energy bill will be much lower compared to when your roof isn’t properly ventilated.

2. Increases the life span of your roof
A home that isn’t properly ventilated is bound to get moisture and inefficient energy productivity during winter and summer. However, this does not mean that you use too much ventilation as too much of that can be as bad as not having enough ventilation. As such, you should consider talking to a professional roof expert to assess how much ventilation your home or business needs. It’s recommended that for every 300 square feet of ceiling, you will require 1 square foot of ventilation to get your home a proper ventilation system. Having the right ventilation will lead to the improved life span of your roof.

older type of roof ventilation3. Reduced temperatures indoors
At times, you may realize that your upstairs is much warmer than the living room. This is usually caused by lack of a proper ventilating system. Having a good roof ventilation will mean there is proper circulation of air – the cool air circulates freely into the house while the hot air escapes – and your home will be comfortable enough for you to stay in and not feel the extreme heat in different rooms.

4. Prevents formation of ice dams
Having a proper ventilation system can help prevent the formation of ice dams during winter. Ice dams are ideally melted snow that ends up freezing on your gutter. The number one cause of ice dams is an attic that is too warm. A good ventilation system will allow cool air into the house thus preventing the formation of the ice dams.

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